Essential Trauma Resources from the UB School of Social Work

Pat Shelly

To start off this brand-new SocialWorkSynergy blog and provide you with an invaluable resource, this first post will provide you with access to the UB School of Social Work’s rich collection of resources on trauma.

These essential trauma tools include :

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Connection and Hope: Psychosocial Capacity Building in Response to Disasters.  Dr. Joshua Miller, Episode 84

Helping Survivors of Katrina – An Evaluation.  Dr. Elaine Maccio, Episode 28

Shared Traumatic Stress: Challenges and Opportunities for Clinicians Living and Working in a Post-Disaster Environment.  Dr. Carol Tosone, Episode 83

Human Rights

Native Americans and a Human Rights and Trauma-Informed Perspective. Agnes Williams, Episode 129

Peeling the Fear from the Past: Building Community Capacities for Healing Refugee Trauma as a Human Rights Strategy.  Dr. Patricia Shannon, Episode 76

Social Work and Human Rights. Dr. Elisabeth Reichert, Episode 41

Spotlight on Human Rights: Economic Rights in the United States. Dr. Claude Welch, Episode 36

Military Veterans and Families

Helping Veterans and Their Families Succeed: Current Research and Practice Guidelines in Management of Traumatic Stress. Dr. Harold Kudler, Episode 32

Veterans and PTSD: Time for a New Paradigm? Dr. Charles Figley, Episode 27

Self Care

Burnout and Self-Care in Social Work. Elaine Hammond, Episode 133

Collateral Damage: The Impact of Caring for Persons Who Have Experienced Trauma. Dr. Brian Bride, Episode 74

Social Worker Self-Care: Practice, Perceptions, and Professional Well-Being. Kori Bloomquist, Episode 117

Social Media

Bullying in the Cyber Yard: Old Problems, New Contexts. Dr. Faye Mishna, Episode 63

Cyberbullying and Cyber Social Work. Dr. Janet Joiner, Episode 116

Online Social Work with Individuals, Families, and Groups: Ethical Issues and Responses.  Dr. Allan Barsky, Episode 115

Social Media Use and Social Work Practice: Boundary and Ethical Considerations -Dr. Kathryn Chernack, Episode 110


Cultural and Historical Trauma: Affecting Lives for Generations. Dr. Shelly Wiechelt, Episode 11

Helping Veterans and Their Families Succeed: Current Research and Practice Guidelines in Management of Traumatic Stress. Dr. Harold Kudler, Episode 32

I Believe, But Will It Help?: Spirituality and Recovery from Interpersonal Trauma. Dr. Sharon Bowland, Episode 43  (Part 1 of 2; see Part 2 –
“Strength and Struggle” – Episode 45, below)

The Institute on Trauma and Trauma-Informed Care (ITTIC).  Professor Susan Green and Dr. Thomas Nochajski, Episode 98

Integrative Body-Mind-Spirit Social Work – Core Concepts (part 1 of 3). Dr. Mo Yee Lee, Episode 38

Integrative Body-Mind-Spirit Social Work – Research and Practice with Female Trauma Survivors (part 2 of 3). Dr. Mo Yee Lee, Episode 40

Integrative Body-Mind-Spirit Social Work – Myth-Busting to Build Accurate Understanding (part 3 of 3). Dr. Mo Yee Lee, Episode 42

Justice from the Victim’s Perspective. Dr. Judith Herman, Episode 50

The Sanctuary Model: Changing the Culture of Care – It Begins with Me (part 1 of 2).  Brian Farragher, Episode 77

The Sanctuary Model: Changing the Culture of Care – Transforming Human Services (part 2 of 2). Brian Farragher, Episode 79

The Sanctuary Model: A Trauma-Informed Approach to Treatment and Services. Dr. Sandra Bloom, Episode 10

Social Networks, Trauma, Substance Abuse, and Dual Disorders Among Women. Dr. Elizabeth Tracy, Episode 35

Strength and Struggle: Spirituality and Recovery From Interpersonal Trauma (part 2 of 2). Dr. Sharon Bowland, Episode 45 (Part 2 of 2; see Part 1 –
“I Believe, But Will It Help?” – Episode 43 above)

The System is Broken: Challenges to Trauma-Informed Approaches with Parents and Children Affected by Domestic Violence.  Dr. Lenore Walker, Episode 61


Self-Care Starter Kit – links to materials that contribute to a professional self-care regimen.

Recent Trauma-Related Publications by UB Faculty and Students

Wolf, M.R., Green, S.A., Nochajski, T.H., Mendel, W., & Kusmaul, N. (2013). “We’re Civil Servants”: The Status of Trauma-Informed Care in Our Community. Journal of Social Service Research.

Resources on Technology in Social Work


A dozen podcasts and videos illustrate the issues and use of technology in the profession, which include trauma-informed practices.

Trauma-Informed Certificate Programs

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Trauma-Informed Clinical Foundation Certificate Program
Now fully online!  42 hours.

Courses in the Trauma-Informed Certificate Program:

  • Overview of the Nature and Treatment of Trauma (9 hours)We strongly recommend that you take this course first.
  • Self-Care in Trauma Work (7.5 hours)
  • Evidence-based Methods for Trauma Treatment (6 hours)
  • Creating Systems of Trauma-informed Care (6 hours)
  • Trauma & Addiction: Integrating Research into Practice (5.25 hours)
  • Trauma & Shame: The Unseen Wound (3 hours)
  • PLUS – Choose 6 hours of online ELECTIVE courses from the elective list in the online trauma catalog category.

Upcoming Continuing Education Trainings

Curricular ModulesBLOG PIC curricular-module

Theories of Human Behavior and Development: The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study (SW505)

Diversity and Oppression (SW503)
The Scottsboro Case: Analyzing intersecting social locations

Interventions I (SW520)
Integrating a Trauma-Informed and Human Rights Perspective in Generalist Social Work Practice

Interventions II (SW521)
Integrating Solution Focused Techniques with a Trauma-Informed and Human Rights Perspective

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