Live from #2014APM! CSWE’s Tech in Social Work as Told in Tweets

by Pat Shelly  @UBSSW


I recently had the pleasure of attending the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) 60th Annual Program Meeting (APM) – one of the largest conferences for social work educators. (CSWE is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation as the sole accrediting agency for social work education – BSW and MSW – in the U.S., and sets the Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards (EPAS) for all social work schools).



At the APM, there are 40 tracks which attendees can follow throughout the four days of events. Track topics range from Addictions, African Americans and the African Diaspora, or International Issues  to Technology in Social Work, Values and Ethics, or Violence Against Women and Their Children.



Dr. Jimmy Young presenting in SW and social media.  @JimmySW #2014APM

Dr. Jimmy Young presenting in SW and social media. @JimmySW #2014APM
Laura Nissen@lauranissen


This post is an idiosyncratic report on the “Technology in Social Work” track at the conference, using selected tweets from #2014APM archive compiled by Jonathan Singer (founder of the Social Work Podcast and often referred to as a “social work rock star”). All images and tweets are from this archive.


      Rock Star status of Jonathan Singer duly noted by our own Dean of the School of Social Work.



While today’s post is longer than most, the knowledge gleaned from this conference requires due consideration.

May the following 2 dozen tweets engage you!




The 2014 APM was held October 23-26 in Tampa, Florida:




Meeting our professional development goals can be downright enjoyable at times.


Varieties of #2014APM Tweets


Breaking news was shared:



Or pertinent social media events:


Often there was a shout out to colleagues:



Some great quotes:




Or very good advice:



May all conference presenters take this to heart!


The Best Tweets Informed Me


The ones I find most interesting captured content or offered information. This is from the opening ceremony:



Resources are shared:



And of course, there are many many photos:



Technology in Social Work


Here are my selected tweets that reflect some of the Tech in SW track:















This next session was the most pertinent presentation for me (and they had one of the spiffiest-looking tweets!), as our school is in the process of developing a comprehensive social media policy for all our members: students, field educators, faculty and staff.

I look forward to seeing an article authored by Karpman and Drisko on “best social media policies for schools of social work”:











The very last events of #2014APM included the Technology in Social Work Track gathering:


Catching the last part of the technology and social work track mtg (after the human rights committee I just left)–28 people!

Here is Dean Smyth’s last Tampa photo:

Beautiful evening on the last night of the CSWE #2014APM



And many thanks to our archivist:

 ·  Oct 28

Did you miss Council on Ed conference? I’ve archived the tweets for you! @2014APM




Was this overview of the conference through a social media lens helpful? Did the tweets help you with what’s current in the field of technology in social work? Tell us your thoughts!







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