It Was a Very Good Year: The Best of Social Media 2014 from UB School of Social Work

complied by Pat Shelly


Here are some of the most popular blog posts and tweets from the UB School of Social Work, followed by a few items that I have labeled “Gifts from the Profession.”  We hope you enjoy this compendium. May the year of 2015 be a healthy and happy one for all our readers!


Most Popular Blog Posts


1. Our Dean, Nancy J. Smyth, wrote this post on Innovation in Social Work: Where Does it Come From?
“As social workers, we often confront complex situations…I’ve been thinking a lot about innovation in social work, wondering how we get and develop our new ideas.”


This tweet, from DorleeM, reflects the great response this blog post received: “@njsmyth Gr8 #socialwork #innovation convo happening @UBSSW w/ @socworkpodcast @EBelluomini @JimmySW +more”


2. ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Basics by Pat Shelly:

“What Is the Adverse Childhood Experiences [ACEs] Study and What Is Its Significance?
The ACEs Study [published in 1998] is important because it found links between childhood trauma and long-term health, behavior and social consequences among adults…”

This overview of ACEs received many comments and was seemed to be especially helpful to students in human services and social work.


3. Why I’ve Stopped Using the Term “Behavioral Health” by Elizabeth Bowen, Ph.D. Guest Author   “A big part of being a social worker is critical thinking, including reflecting on the language we use to describe the people and issues with which social workers work…”  Man thoughtful comments on language and labels follwed this post, by Assistant Professor Betsy Bowen.


4. Not in the headlines: Men working to end male violence by Pat Shelly  “Lately, I have spent time reflecting on the half-century or so that the global End Violence against Women movement has existed…Here are a few of the ways that men, and institutions led by men, have joined in this struggle.”



Most Popular Tweets from @UBSSW


Far and away the most retweeted (RT) is the item about our infographic on “How to Flourish in Social Work: Steps to Self-Care.” Here is a selection of what was said:

From @changeyouchoose:   Gr8t #trauma infographic from @UBSSW: #ptsd

From @cynthia_MSW:         Love this How to Flourish in Social Work infographic! #selfcare #socialwork RT @UBSSW: SELFcare_HOWto Poster.png 

From @garydumbrill:          @njsmyth @julianachooi @UBSSW Nice tweet, the “how to flourish in social work” #infographic by @UBSSW is great!

And this illustrated tweet, from @DakiaDavis:

Thx @UBSSW for this self-care guide. Opened desk drawer & was reminded that it can involve chocolate.

Desk drawer opened to reveal candy wrappers and a folded paper with "Guide to Self-Care"



Another infographic we offered was on Trauma and Trauma-Informed Care. This too generated many RTs:

From @anufs  This ITTIC and @UBSSW INFOGRAPH explains the effects of #trauma, retraumatization & what helps



UB takes part in the twice-monthly #MacroSW Twitter Chats, and these two topics – Inequality in the US and International Social Work –  were especially ‘hot’ on Twitter:


From @laurelhitchcock:  Check out the archive of last night’s #MacroSW on @Storify about @InequalityFilm: @JimmySW @UBSSW @karenzgoda  from @laurelhitchcock


From @DaveNiven:  Global and Local: Social Work Goes International via @UBSSW





Our very popular inSocialWork podcast series – 157 to date! – regularly gets many RTs:

From @AdelphiHV: Very impressed with this podcast series for social workers! great job @UBSSW #socialwork


What is the most popular podcast? This one:

Integrative Body-Mind-Spirit Social Work: Core Concepts (part 1 of 3) with Dr. Mo Yee Lee


And some miscellaneous favorites from Twitter:


From @Monash_SocialWo:  RT @UBSSW: Ever hear a social worker anthem? This short tune is a candidate! [Video] #socialworkersmakeadifference


Essay on the Importance of Integrating #SocialMedia in #SocialWork Education by @socworkpodcast via @UBSSW


From @melaniesage : #socialworkers DO use #socialmedia at work: #infographic with my research. They need more training in SW #MacroSW


From @DorleeM: 8 Tips for New #SocialWork Interns @newsocialworker via @UBSSW MT @njsmyth < always begin with a learner’s stance…


From @karenzgoda: Great post! On #Ferguson and #SocialWork via @UBSSW


19 tips “@UBSSW: What are best practices in #leadership for #nonprofits? via @npquarterly


Twitter Tips – Illustrated!


Gifts from the Profession

The @UBSSW Twitter series called “Gifts from the Profession” is running from December 16, 2014 to January 6, 2015. It has some of the best “gifts” I’ve found online this year: articles, podcasts, quotes and quips about social work. Thanks to all those who educate new social workers, who research and implement best practices, who speak truth to power, and who know that we cannot rest where justice is denied.



image GiftsInARow



Gift selections:


‘Radical’ #SocialWork– History & Future [YouTube]  via @UWMadSocialWork


Social Justice Framework for #SocialWork [YouTube]  via @BCSSW


What’s the Forbidden Topic in #HealthCare Policy? Cost effectiveness. RT @UpshotNYT: neat graphic here!


13 Prompts for Reflective #SocialWork Practice – from @CommunityCare in the UK



Quotes from Social Workers

Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. #SocialWork


“Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make change.” Barbara Mikulski, U.S. Senator & #SocialWorker


Barbara Mikulski on Social Security: “Our seniors’ retirement should never rely on the bull of political promises or the bear of the market.”


“Sexual abuse and rape in our prisons are the epitome of the dehumanizing nature of our entire correctional system. Prison rape is a human rights issue; it’s a public health issue; and it’s a public safety issue.” Barbara Lee, US Rep. (Berkeley CA)


“You know, this seems like a war on women.” Barbara Lee, on battle for women’s rights, abortion, pay equity, etc. She coined the term “war on women.”


True peace is not the absence of war, it is the presence of justice. Jane Addams


Do you have favorites from 2014? We welcome your comments!









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