Open Channels: If, When, and How to Communicate Social Work Research Beyond Academic Outlets

Editor’s note: We’re very pleased to re-blog this post by JaeRan Kim, Ph.D. Below are details of the roundtable that was part of the Society for Social Work Research 2018 Annual Conference.

Roots Wings Roundtable - open channels_Page_1

Roots Wings Roundtable - open channels_Page_2

JaeRan Kim

I’m in Washington, D.C. for a social work conference, and yesterday I participated on a panel as part of the SSWR‘s Roots and Wings Roundtable series. The conversation was about alternative modes of sharing scholarship beyond the traditional academic audience of peer review journals.

I really enjoy these conversations and this one was no exception. There were many important points made and I wanted to highlight some of the questions and concerns that were raised:

  • The feedback loops that scholars can receive when sharing their research in the communities they are studying can be constructive (e.g. you’re going the wrong way, asking the wrong questions) and generative (i.e. here is what we want you to study). In my work, I have benefitted from both constructive and generative feedback.
  • Does depth and complexity get lost in communication beyond academic outlets? I think it can, but it doesn’t have to be…

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