Why We Have to Social Work This: #MacroSW #NPQ

This thoughtful editorial deepens the definition of social work,  and refutes the notion that our profession is comprised of only “short-term actions and well-intentioned goals, lacking in meaningful planning or impact.”

Congratulations to The MacroSW Collaboration (#MacroSW Partners) for the publication of the editorial “Why We Need to Social Work This“, in the Voices from the Field section of Nonprofit Quarterly.

NPQ Abstract: Last fall, an NPQ article said “we can’t social work” our way out of inequality, meaning case work alone is inadequate. But, as a group of social workers points out, social work actually places great emphasis on political action and building community to achieve structural change.

Read the piece here: https://nonprofitquarterly.org/2018/05/03/voices-field-social-work/

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