Top 5 #MacroSW Chats of 2018

These are all great #MacroSW chats! Glad to see that @UBSSW had such great guests on the chats Transcending Transphobia ( @FaeJohnstone ) and Sexual Harassment in Social Work: (@birdgirl1001 and @DrKristie) !

By Rachel L. West

It has been a year of growth form #MacroSW. Chat participation has steadily increased. The average chat now has 61 participants with an average of 1.7 million impressions. In November, following much deliberation and planning, we became a Benefits Corporation in New York State.

As 2018 winds down we want to take a look back at some of our most popular chats. Over the past 12 months, we held 39 chats. The list below is based on chat participation.

  1. Inequality for All w/ @JimmySW on 3/8/18

    Hosted by former Chat Partner Laurel Hitchcock with guest expert Jimmy Young, this chat was a student-focused discussion on income inequality. Participants were encouraged to watch a documentary film, Inequality for All, before the chat.

    Participants: 149
    Impressions: 1,465,000

  2. Social Action 103: Action Planning

    Hosted by Chat Partner Rachel L. West this was the third installment of the Social…

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