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SocialWorkSynergy (SWS) is a biweekly blog from the University at Buffalo School of Social Work, created to be a forum of information and discussion for you on trauma, human rights, antiracist social work, trauma-informed care and practice, and related topics in social work.

To provide you with as wide a range of experiences and stories as possible, guest authors and interviews with professionals will be included. Occasional posts between the biweekly schedule  will also appear.

If you would like to either be a guest author or interviewee, please contact us at sw-sws@buffalo.edu.

UB Comment Guidelines: UB loves hearing from you and we welcome and encourage open, thoughtful discussion. We apply UB Comment Guidelines to help our readers share their thoughts in safe and engaging digital spaces. You can find those guidelines here: http://buffalo.edu/commentguidelines.html

Credit: Our SocialWorkSynergy Logo was developed by Samantha L. Romand (BFA’15), UB Department of Visual Studies Graphic Design student.

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  • This blog is super interesting. Many points are mentioned in blog post talking about hot topics that our going on in the media. Like Ray Rice abusing his fiance and her sticking with him and marrying him shortly after. Or about the black boy being shot and killed for what? All of these incidence are sad but at times over looked. I feel that more people need to take the time to speak about what is going on in the media or our world even if it does not directly affect us because at some point in some way we could be affected whether we know it or not.

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