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Trauma-Informed Care: Is Your Eye on the Thread or the Jewel?

by Pat Shelly

Blog Embroidery LotusA conference on trauma-informed care offers new perspectives on cultural competence and priorities in treating trauma survivors.


 “Knowing that human beings are multiple in our identities, and that those identities are intersectional is foundational to cultural competence [but] not sufficient. Why is this? Because this only speaks to intellectual competence and I would argue that cultural competence is emotional competence. How do we hold the ambiguity of our own and our clients’ identities [and how they inform one another]? …trauma-informed and culturally competent care means good quality, compassionate, empathic, and attuned care.”
– excerpt from keynote address, Trauma Talks 2012: Advancing the Dialogue on Trauma-Informed Care,
by Laura S. Brown, Ph.D.


The above quote from the 2012 Trauma Talks conference and this article about a keynote from the 2014 conference demonstrate how trauma-informed care is continually developing to provide greater sensitivity while addressing complexities in treatment.


Cécile Rousseau, MD, gave a keynote at Trauma Talks 2014: Advancing Cultural Understandings in Trauma-Informed Care, entitled “Culture, trauma transmission and posttraumatic reconstruction.”  Dr. Rousseau is the director of the Transcultural Child Psychiatry Clinic at Montreal Children’s Hospital, and a faculty member at McGill University. She works with children who are refugees, immigrants, and trauma survivors, and publishes widely on issues affecting these populations.

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