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After Orlando / #PulseOrlando: #MacroSW Chat – Open Mic 06-23-16

This mass shooting reveals some of the most complex social problems of our era: homophobia, racism, hate crimes and gun violence.

(The edited version is by Pat Shelly, who was using the handle @officialmacrosw for this chat.)

In the wake of the Orlando shooting (we will use #PulseOrlando as our hashtag for this chat), we feel heartache, sadness and anger. We may be left wondering why this happened and how we can prevent…

a memorial black ribbon has rainbow stripes in th ellop and Pulse nightclub logo on one edn witha pink heart around the logo

credit: kyliesoniquelove



Source: After Orlando / #PulseOrlando: #MacroSW Chat – Open Mic 06-23-16

Breaking Down the Religious Freedom Restoration Act

by Ryan Johnson

(Note: SocialWorkSynergy offers this edited version of the original posted March 31, 2015 on Ryan’s shared blog, Dishwashers in the Revolution. An update on the revised law may be found below.)   ___________________________________________________________________________________

Not sure how many of you keep up with the latest political news, but I wanted to take this opportunity to weigh in on the recent happenings in Indiana.



Today as I was scrolling through Twitter, I came across this tweet from the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo:

3 twitter messages from NYS Gov. Andrew Cuomo

“Today I banned non-essential state travel to Indiana.” Mar 31, 2015 @NYGovCuomo

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