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Dancing Past Trauma: One Billion Rising

Pat Shelly

Dancing through Trauma: 1 Billion Rising

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Here is the math:

There are 7  billion people on this planet.

Half are women and girls – around 3.5 billion people.

One  out of three females will experience a sexual assault in her lifetime.

3.5 billion divided by 3 = 1.6666 billion.

How  does a society address the reality of 1/3 of its members undergoing this trauma?

Here is one way:

On Friday, February 14, 2014, women around the world will be dancing in the streets.

What’s the celebration? It is the expression of a different kind of love on this Valentine’s Day, a love of our/women’s endurance and survival and capacity for joy in the face of the global epidemic of gender-based violence.

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